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Unreachable Ruins

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

As you can see in the image below, the aporkalypse clock ruins are in an unreachable island.

This is frustrating when I have played for more than 40 days, and I was looking forward to beating aporkalypse.


Also, there are several minor bugs I have experienced so far.

- The health decrease level from the scorpion poison differed when I reconnected. First, the decrease rate was 4~5 health per day, but when I reloaded the game, the health decreased at least twice as much.

- The pigeons don't appear at all at the village, but when I reload the game, the pigeons come like as if I'm holding popcorn in my hands. This is definitely a bug. 


Steps to Reproduce
Please make sure that ruins appear in a reachable area.

User Feedback

that is really crappy. you could use the lureplant or store glitch to get you out of bounds, but its better to just restart.

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