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Unlimited Security Contracts with 1 Gold Nugget

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

You can get unlimited security contracts as you probably already know for free, but there is an easily repeatable glitch to do it in 1 night. Also there is a way to enter the house when the mayor is just about to go to sleep where he won't actually go to sleep and you can keep stealing them even faster, but this is not easily reproducible... I propose only being able to steal the security contract once and then make it a crime scene for so many days before you can steal it again (or even be able to buy it)

Steps to Reproduce
1) Steal Security Contract 2) Offer Mayor Gold Nugget to temporarily wake him up 4) Steal Contract 5) Repeat

User Feedback

This doesnt even need a gold nugget. Anything that can be given and will be rejected wakes up a sleeping pig.
Try it with seeds for example.

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