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Unable to receive the "Key to the City" (can be a bug for both of the items in the Queen's palace)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Basically, I've received the key from the queen by giving her the Scepter. I've unlocked the casing to the Key to the City, but I didn't have the coins to actually buy it. I've left the building, played the game for a little while then I've saved and quit.

After loading the game sometime later, I decided to come back to actually get it... however, the casing itself now seems to be locked again, but now I can't even examine it. It doesn't even light up by putting a mouse over it. Spacebar does nothing either. I've managed to unlock the other case and actually receive the item, but this one seems to be stuck.


Queen has all the items now:



But the case (that I've unlocked) is now locked again. But this time I can't examine it or use it in any way.20181117213648_1.thumb.jpg.25dcf57c9a8095675590323234921316.jpg

Only mods I've used were Combined Status and Display Food Values.

Steps to Reproduce
Open the case (I don't think it has to be specifically the case I've opened.), but don't buy the item. Leave the building. Save when you're out in the world. Restart the game. (Might not be necessary) Reload the save. Go back and see if the case is now locked. When I've had the bug happen to me, I've opened the case, couldn't buy the item because I had no coins. I went out of the building and played the game a little while longer until I've saved and quit. Then I've reloaded the game, a few days passed and I've decided to go back to get the item. The Case for the item was now locked.

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