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Thunderbirds' FX doesn't disappear and blocks placement

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The special effects of Thunderbirds, "thunderbird_fx", doesn't get removed when the animation is done, staying in the world forever, completely invisible. It also blocks placement (which is how I noticed it at all). 2 of my friends both had more than 2000 "thunderbid_fx" in their worlds, possibly causing some lag (or at least some annoyance, because of not being able to place things).

Steps to Reproduce
I think it happens when Thunderbirds summon lightning, but most long term worlds should have a lot of it all over the world, so c_countprefabs("thunderbird_fx") should tell enough.

User Feedback

I see the problem and should be able to do something about that build up of unneeded fx. Thanks for the report. Well sleuthed. 

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