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The giant bird froze

Billy Bacon
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

when a gigint bird tries to pick up a character, it will land, and if you stand still and not run away, it will stop over the character. the "capture" animation has begun and is not over. the character cannot do anything, but he is vulnerable. this is a deadly bug

Steps to Reproduce
if you stop when you run away from a giant bird

User Feedback

Hello @Billy Bacon, welcome to the forums. This has been reported a handful of times but the devs needs more info to be able to fully fix this bug. The next time this happens for you, do the following:

  • Save and Exit
  • Go To Options
  • Click Report Bug
  • Edit Description with "Stuck Under BFB in World Save #"
  • Submit
  • Once submitted, this will send the devs the necessary information to be able to properly investigate the issue. (Since it occurs very randomly and difficult to replicate)
  • After that, go into your world save that has the stuck under BFB issue
  • Open console with tilde sign "~"
  • Move cursor into a safe spot on land then enter the command¬†c_move(GetPlayer())
  • Press Enter
  • Once no long under BFB, save and exit
  • Open Save once again
  • BFB will now proceed to abduct you correctly

Also it is highly recommended for people to search the bug tracker first if a certain issue has been reported, and in your case it has. So the next time you encounter something, use the search feature to see if some has the same issue and if you can add onto their bug report with more information you can provide. Hopefully, their bug report has workarounds you could try. Cheers.

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