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The game crashes while saving

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

My game is slow to load the save slot and when i save or when the game saves automatically, it crashes.

It happens just with my computer, with others this does not happen. I don't have video card, Can this cause this?

If yes, how can I play without a video card and without this problem happening?

If not, how can I solve this problem?

Steps to Reproduce
1. I enter the game; 2. I enter the save slot; 3. It takes to long to load; 4. I play it normally; 5. When the night ends, the game will save; 6. The game crashes; 7. the game closes and do not save. It happens just with my computer, with others this does not happen.

User Feedback

If you're playing without a video card the game is likely running out of memory because it doesn't meet the minimum system specs for Don't Starve(256mb dedicated video memory). I hope to do some memory optimizations in the future but not sure how far that can be pushed.

You can try turning on 'small textures' in the options menu, it reduces the memory pressure and may allow you to save.

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