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Teleported to outside map after using slanty shanty exit door

Golden Daemon
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Well im not sure what this is and why it could've happened but I was playing as Maxwell and all I did was go inside the house and then come out again but instaed of being sent to the door front I was sent to somewhere outside the map area away from lands. a completely dark area with 3-4 clouds that are at the map edges + 3 idols right under me.

Screenshot - 15_11_2018 , 10_55_49 Þ.png

Steps to Reproduce
i have absolutely no idea but all I did was that I went into my house when my trees catch on fire after a lightening strike to extinguish the fire and then come out again but when I come out I see the fire is still burning so I go back in again and try to wait a little then come out and instaed of being sent to outside of slanty shanty I spawned in somewhere outside the map

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