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Tallbird aggro doesn't go away when you run away from them at fast speeds

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Tallbirds aggrod to chester or the player are not being processed/rendered and are then processed/rendered again will still be left in aggrod state. To achieve this, simple have one aggro on you, have stalking stick/walking cane with you and drink some coffee, run away a few screens, come back and should see some of them still aggrod.

Steps to Reproduce
* Get coffee and may be walking cane/stalking stick * Go near tallbirds (more likely found in worlds that are not Hamlet, but sometimes you can find tallbird nest set piece at Roc nest). Having chester nearby is optional I guess * Move away from tallbirds quickly about 5 or so screens * Come back to tallbirds, some should be still aggrod

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