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(SW) Wormwood + lightning = fire = hell

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hi ! I am currently playing Shipwrecked with Wormwood (a direct start, not coming from another game). During both Hurricane and Monsoon seasons, the heavy storms strike Wormwood while he is wearing the Snakeskin Hat or the Dumbrella, two items that are supposed to give lightning protection. So Wormwood catch fire by this circumstance, making it worse. During a single storm, I have been striked  at least 10 times in a row, losing more than 100 hp. Heartbreaking to use some compost wraps for this :(

Shipwrecked is currently the most difficult DLC for Wormwood as nitre isn't renewable and healing items are complicated to produce in the early game. Losing a ton of hp because of the lightning, during two seasons, and furthermore the ones before the volcanic season that push you to explore in order to find the volcano, is a bit too much in my taste. Add in that the blooming mechanic with the hunger multiplier during monsoon season and we are in hell.

So, is it possible to rebalance the lightning Wormwood fire thingy ? Some thoughts :

- Instead of catching fire each time even with lightning protection item such as Dumbrella, Wormwood temperature would hugely increase with a strike and be moduled by insulation factor. Of course, reaching a certain point, Wormwood would catch fire. That way, there is the possibility to prepare and prevent the problem. Cold thermal stone and ice would help too.

- Wormwood could extinguish the immolation, with poop per example, or ice.

- The bramble husk prevents catching fire.

- Lightning protection actually prevents catching fire by strike for Wormwood.

What are your thoughts ? I return playing the water/fire apocalypse, good game and good dev to you :p


EDIT : I may have made a mistake by posting in the bug section as I initially thought catching fire this way was a bug, maybe should I have post in the suggestion section. Apologies for that !

Steps to Reproduce
Wearing lightnin protection items and be striked by lightning
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User Feedback

It looks like what you really need is for the snake skin hat to do its job and protect you from lightning. I would suggest that this is the real issue.

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Well in fact I was thinking the exact same and so started to write this topic in the bug section, until I remember that, playing Wendy with a Dumbrella, she was actually striked with the lightning but didn't got any downside from it thanks to the lightning protection from the item. I didn't really look attentively, but I think that Wormwood don't lose directly hp from the strike, as it is indeed negated  by the Dumbrella, but as he catches fire easily (one of its perks) he loses tons of.

So, I changed my mind and thought that it could be a donwside for the character, but one that needs rebalance. But when you think about it, if the Dumbrella and Snakeskin Hat only protect from the damage of the lightning and don't actually prevent the lightning to strike the character, why WX-78 can't be overloaded when wearing those items ?


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