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Stuck on BFB island?

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I was picked up by the BFB, so I went to return to the main island via the sinkhole. But when I clicked on the door to exit the room I'm in, it just says "It's locked" and now I can't get out. I had been on the BFB island several times before, so I could see on the map of the cave that there was a lock between the room I was in and the room leading to the exit. How am I supposed to get out now? Is this a bug or am I just being dumb? I know the lock appears in the ancient temples when you step on a pressure plate and all the doors close, but this is just a cave.


2019-01-27 (2).png

Steps to Reproduce
Get picked up by the BFB a bunch of times and see if it ever locks you in the cave
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Yeah, that's not supposed to happen. If you send us the save file, we can look at what happened.

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I just resubmitted it. I said something like "I'm stuck on BFB island, and the door to the room leading to the only exit is locked. There is a door there, but it says it's locked. I submitted a bug report on the forums." 

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