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Stuck between walls of Mant Cave

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5bf61b61781ba_2018-11-21(1).thumb.png.651211d48b187ee6357ceba71e472dcd.pngI was traveling between rooms when the earth shook and I ended up stuck in-between rooms. I can't use any door. I can only walk in the three sides behind the room. On the map I am between rooms. the earth has shaken once while I was stuck, but it didn't help. Interestingly, I can move around the map using wasd. closing the game and restarting didn't help.


2018-11-21 (2).png

Steps to Reproduce
I was between rooms of a mant cave during an earthquake, accompanied by several pig guards.

User Feedback

Hello @hteB, welcome to the forums. This occurs cause too many creatures/including player get spawned at entrance point. There's a workaround for this:

  • Move cursor to as safe spot on screen
  • Open console with tilde sign "~"
  • enter command: c_move(GetPlayer())
  • Press Enter
  • Press Ctrl + L to close log screen

You should be able to move around now, unfortunately you may end up having to do this a bunch of times since you could get stuck again while exploring the Mant Cave with so many Royal Pig Guards. I hope that helps atleast for now.

Also when you have to reenter the command, just open console and press Up key. It'll auto complete last entered command. Just be caution of where you place your cursor each time you do this. Good luck.


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