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Stone Egg Hatches Ro Bin but was not removed from inventory

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The stone egg did not drop out of inventory after Ro Bin hatched whichcaused multiple Ro Bins to hatch. I had 6 but some wandered off


Steps to Reproduce
I left the stone egg in my inventory and Ro Bin appeared in the jungle. I then placed the stone egg on an industrial shelf in the top left slot and multiple Ro Bins appeared. Placing the stone egg on the ground caused the stone egg to disappear

User Feedback

Same. I placed the egg on a shelf in house, and four spawned. Two of the gizzard stones are stuck floating on wall under where the egg was, and even after hammering shelf I cannot reach. 

Egg was in inventory until I dropped on ground and it despawned. 

Only two chicks follow me because two are stuck in my house. 

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I put egg to ground when i was in ruin. Egg disappeared but ro bin didnt appear. So i quit the game without save to get egg back.

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