When a lot of sounds are going on there can somtimes be a sort of "sound lag" which causes the sounds of the creatures or whatever it is to cut out and in. I found that I most easily had this happen when I am sailing in SW during hurricane season riding the waves in the middle of a rain storm, where it can get bad but not unbearable. At least until monsters like crocodogs start growling, then every sound starts cutting out and in A LOT. It can also happen when they're a lot of bees on screen in RoG and other such occurences in-game where there is multiple sound effects going on. I saw someone else post this bug too so I'm not alone on this issue and it is happening to other people, so can this get looked into? I don't recall ever having this problem on Don't Starve Together and other games so I wouldn't think that its my sound card but I don't know entirely for sure.
Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending