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(sound) while fighting the bug boss Hamlet had 6 guards

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I went to go fight the bug boss in the cricket cave with my 6 pig guards and while fighting the boss when it did its Screech sound move (high pinch frequency) it stops the music threw out the game and the only thing I could hear is the SFX like pick stuff up and or dropping an item but then i save and quit my game and came back to it and the music came back again. and everything worked fine again.

Steps to Reproduce
(step 1) had 6 guards (step 2) while it did its screech sound move it stop the music while fighting and the music was still broken after I killed it and left the cave)but a restart fix this sound issue

User Feedback

Can confirm, happens without guards. Not sure if it is a symptom of the fight and would end when she died because I died lol

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