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Skyworthy travel lands you at a Seaworthy even if Skyworthy is also present in other world (seaworthy has priority)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Going to a Shipwrecked or RoG/DS world even via Skyworthy will always land you at Seaworthy even if a Skyworthy is present in the Shipwrecked or RoG/DS world. 

Seaworthy and Skyworthy mechanics should really be revised more I think because of problems like this.

Steps to Reproduce
* Build Skyworthy in any world * Travel to, say Shipwrecked that already has Seaworthy, you will land there (RoG/DS world has the same issue, just requires more steps to reproduce because it not present at the beginning of world generation) * Build Skyworthy in Shipwrecked world too, travel back to the world you started with it * Travel back to Shipwrecked via Skyworthy, you will again land near Seaworthy even though you built Skyworthy in the world

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