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Single-hound hound attack on day of arrival of another world

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When jumping to a new world, after a minute or so a hound attack will always happen, where only one hound will attack (Bug since only RoG and Shipwrecked DLCs have existed), this weird hound attack should not happen at all. After this hound attack, the hound attacks will start happening as normal. Bug happens with hounds in RoG/DS worlds and with Crockodogs in Shipwrecked worlds.

The attack won't be instant, it will take about half a day or so before starting but it will always have only one hound/crockodog spawn.

Steps to Reproduce
* Build Skyworthy * Go to RoG/Shipwrecked world * Await a single hound/crockodog attack

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