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should the blood moon warriors be out if there's no aporkalypse?

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

this has happened quite a few times in the same save file where the warrior mant blood moon things have been wandering around despite there being no blood moon, and theyre not exactly easy to shake off since they never change their target from you to something else. they even wait for you when you go inside a building. fighting off four of them when already low on health because of the rabid ladybugs also isnt fun.

i feel like they shouldnt be out if it isnt the aporkalypse? because not even the pig guards or any of the villages react to their presence. maybe they are supposed to be out, i dunno. 



Steps to Reproduce
wait for the aporkalypse, run past a mant mound, hope that there are no blood moon warriors, pray that youre fast enough

User Feedback

This ruined a run where I was going to see the celebration at pig town. . Then in came 5 of these mants i had not even seen on that island and wiped me out as i approached town. Worse, pig guards don't acknowledge them.

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Its not a bug but i think it should be reworked to allow the mants to become docile when wearing the mant suit, otherwise there really isn't a point to the mant suit. once they become mant warriors, they stay that way until you kill all of them, then the mant nests will make more regular mants.

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