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Shopkeeper Disappeared

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Entered the Tool Store as Wilba with 2 Pig Guards. After buying a cloth the shop keeper and counter disappeared and he would not return. 

Reloaded the file, burnt down the building, waited a day, stole everything in the shop. Nothing fixes it so I had to restart.

Steps to Reproduce
1) Entered Tool Shop with 2 Pig Guards 2) Was playing as Wilba 3) Bought a Cloth 4) Shop Keeper vanished and would not return no matter what I tried

User Feedback

I had a very similar thing happen to me, except before mine disappeared I noticed a poo on the floor that I didn't put there. I picked the poo up and then bought something all in the same second or so, and the shop keeper ran up and vanished the exact same way as that video for me.

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