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Shop bug: teleports me on the river outside the island when I go outside, please help

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

For no reason when I go outside the Swinesbury Fine Grocer’s (shop where you can buy ice) I got teleported to here:


In the middle of nothing, there, whas a strange light thing with A LOT of lost relics, enough to fill Ro Bin and backpack inventory slots, there was a pig guard too.


Then a vampire bat attack spawns, I dunno why but I just kite them, so like you can see I was in no where, the only thing I was able to do is move to the next island (the second one), sadly I can't go to land again, this thing is similar to the exploit in don't starve/together with the lureplant, but lazy explorer is not in Hamlet, and if it was I didn't had it, so I'm stuck.

 2eded3d7dde82b850f974e006be3c5ad-jpg.thumb.jpg.5dfc51d06ddf88e9e49d0719be638776.jpg(Ro Bin is able to walk in land)

I reloaded and I'm still like this, please help because I don't want to lose this world I has enjoying it soo much u_u/


Steps to Reproduce
shopkeeper shop bug profit exploit land lureplant outside of the world clouds vampire bats relics

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