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Several glitches and bugs ..

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I didn't use the bug reporting system from the game, because some of these bugs and crashes didn't allow me to be able to do that ..

1)--If you build Skyworthy to travel between worlds, inside a house in the volcano, and try to travel from ROG / hamlet to Shipwrecked, the game generates a graphic bug (I uploaded a photo to show you the bug). The game continues to move forward, but always shows the empty room where I built Skyworthy.
 To unlock this bug and definitely not lose a 600 day game .. I was lucky that I had built an effigy inside the volcano, and after my character died, the graphic bug disappeared.
If I hadn't had an effigy inside the volcano, I would have lost the game because all the other attempts to remove that graphic bug didn't work ..

2)--If you build Skyworthy inside the volcano (outside a house) and travel from ROG / hamlet to Shipwrecked, you are teleported out of the volcano and not inside where Skyworthy was.

3)--If Mant Hill is near the end of the forest ... and BFB goes down, BFB tries to destroy it without ever stopping ... (photo)

4)--During the aporkalipse, if you build Skyworthy inside a house, on hamlet, and if the game generates an Ancient Herald in the same room as the player, and hits it with an explosion, he destroys everything in the room, even the Skyworthy and the doors to get out of the room ... at that point you're stuck without a way out ... it's absurd

5)--If you try to travel from hamlet to ROG / sheep .. with Skyworthy, and Ancient Herald is generated, and attacks the player with an explosion while he is traveling, the game freezes



Steps to Reproduce
I have no active mod I have already explained everything

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