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Roc/Werewilba bug

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hi, while Transforming into Werewilba (on all 4s) and being eaten by the Roc, you'll be forced into this half Werepig half Wilba state where you have body hair, night vision, but are normal Wilba. 

While I found this out, I died and lay on the ground and was being revived by an effigy, she picked me up again (I used a flute to summon her) and she sent me into the void, so far out, I was past the black space on the map, but still barely visible. uhoh.thumb.JPG.1f949869c239e6dda3d9df3c699ca313.JPG

Steps to Reproduce
Consume Monster meat, or Gummy slugs and be picked up by the Roc.

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