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Roc Shadow never going away

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Main Bug:

I can see rock shadow in the ruins since day 20ish. I'm at day 100 now and the shadow is still there, covering 1/4 of the screen.

It appear in all ruins, the bat caves, mant nest and the underground mant (where mantqueen is).

I've also died (came back with meat effigy), restarted the game, restarted pc etc... No changes.


Roc never appeared otherwise in my world (i've read he pick you up and bring you to his island.)

Side Bug #2:

There is also no way for me to reach the 3rd island. I've fully explored every ruins and check everywhere. I've also verified with a map revealer and i've seen there is a ruin on that 3rd island but no way to reach it. I only have 6 ruins total (as far as i know there should be 7) also one of the ruins spawn right next to the water and half the entrance is in front, so when you go out sometimes you are stuck on the water and forced to go back inside.




Steps to Reproduce
Waiting til day 15 and it never went away since then.

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