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RoC not spawning

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

so, day 30 not seen the " roc " funny enough i NEVER ever encountered the RoC  ( playing on old saves and using WickerBottom ) not like i saw him and just hid in house or ruins, i never saw his shadow.
it might have been either :
1- my game crashed then it bugged out.
2- i was inside ruins/house when the process of RoC spawning occurred. 
either way,
Does he Respawn if he did not spawn the first year and if not,
is there a command that i can use to help me on my situation i really don't wanna lose this world it is A decent Seed.
Thanks for your Time, :)
is RoC a guaranteed spawn or is it a random chance for him to spawn ? 

Steps to Reproduce
unknown, playing Wickerbottom , old save file ( i copy my save file for backup )

User Feedback

well.. for now you can try to spawn it manually by typing c_spawn ("roc") in the console commands.

it's pretty funny to see roc that way but i think roc is still in development, and that is probably why you can't encounter it yet without a command.

but to spoil the content, when you summon roc that way, it will only kidnap you to its nest on the 4th island

also warning, the game might crash during the process of it kidnapping you, dont panic, and simply log out the game and re log in.

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