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Roc in Palace room? why?

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Roc appears in my game, but it's landed inside of the palace!

Well, I died in one single beak hit by the way. 

Edit : its motion still lingers on other ruin/cave room. Annoying. And when I managed to get back at palace I still found it pounding ground.

With tin armour and headgear, one hit make 40 damage to me. Both are 90% GDR, so one hit deals 4000 damage.

Edit : Okay, It's now flying upward and never seems to land.

My log and save (5th Wolfgang) included.








Steps to Reproduce
Dunno. It comes while I'm inside.

User Feedback

Someone else posted a bug about the Roc being in a ruins, so the Roc is just buggy enough to spawn wherever he pleases right now. It doesn't help that the Roc deals a bunch of damage, so you might end up getting one-shot in an otherwise safe area.

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