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Ro Bin duplication and wind in RoG

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

This has been mentioned elsewhere already, but I linked my Hamlet world to an RoG one via the Skyworthy, and there is an ever-present wind. It wouldn't be such a big deal if the items didn't disappear when meeting the edge of the land, but the wind is the real problem.

I found another bug with the Ro Bin, the first of which is that the stone egg can be taken thru the Skyworthy at all. Then, after about 20 days in my RoG world, Gizzard Stones started popping out of the chest containing the Stone Egg, which disappeared once I dropped it on the ground.

I'm wondering if there is any way for me to temporarily fix either of these issues. I have the console enabled; I tried disabling precipitation, but the wind was not stopped. Is there a console command to stop the wind? Also, will I be able to take the Gizzard Stone with me into the Skyworthy? Can I delete Gizzard Stones and/or Ro Bins via the console until I have only one?

Steps to Reproduce
take the Stone Egg into the Skyworthy, and keep it in the RoG world for a while

User Feedback

Having the same issue.  As an added concern, tumbleweeds disappear when they hit the edge of the land making them very difficult to collect from.

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