Reloading save with Meat Effigy decreased max health again

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I was playing as Warbucks (max health 150), with a single Meat Effigy, reducing my max health 120. After exiting the game in a Mant Hill and reloading it later, I noticed that my max health was 90 instead. I destroyed the Meat Effigy and my max health increased back to 120, but now it permanently decreased and I have no effigy. (Note: I also have an active Magic Flower)

Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there is a console command that can undo the health loss of the effigy? I assume after looking in the code it's something like: 


Edit: Alas, that command seems to be for Don't Starve Together.

I went into tuning.lua and set EFFIGY_HEALTH_PENALTY = 30 to EFFIGY_HEALTH_PENALTY = 0, which works as a temporary fix. However, after saving and quitting, I set to back to 30 again and reloaded the file again only to have my health decrease again. This implies to me that the game thinks there is a Meat Effigy somewhere that I cannot find using c_gonext("resurrectionstatue"). Could it possibly be in another 'dimension'? Hamlet certainly has no shortage of sub areas.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Make a meat effigy 2. Exit the game in a Mant Hill 3. Reload the game

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