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Rainbow Jellyfish in Hamlet bugs

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I brought some live Rainbow Jellyfish over to a Hamlet lily pond and have run into two issues:

1) The jellyfish seem to randomly "disappear" during the day. They become invisible, intangible and generally impossible to interact with in any way. I ran c_countprefabs("rainbowjellyfish_planted") and it said all 12 of them there. So I tried to see if they had somehow been teleported off-screen and used c_gonext. Turns out they are still in the pond, in the exact same place they were before they disappeared. But as I said there's no way to interact with them. I even tried Ctrl+F to see if I could attack them, but it's like they are not there at all. Also, I think the disappearance might be related to the jellyfish becoming unloaded, because they only seem to "vanish" while I'm away from the pond. And they always reappear at night.

2) Invisible or not, most, if not all, of the Jellyfish have a knack for becoming stuck swimming against the shore. I initially assumed they were going towards the origin point cause they couldn't detect the volcano, but each one seems headed towards a different direction. EDIT: I tried pushing a few of them on land and they are now swimming normally (albeit on land), instead of heading mindlessly towards one direction. Perhaps their AI is misjudging the borders of the pond or something to that effect?


Steps to Reproduce
1. Link Hamlet to Shipwrecked. 2. Go to SW and catch live rainbow jellyfish. 3. Release the jellyfish into a Hamlet pond.
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