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Potential bug in roc spawning mechanics

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

In components/rocmanager.lua, it seems that the Roc is meant to spawn every 10-20 days, as indicated by the function GetNextSpawnTime. It seems that the timer only counts down during the time period in which the Roc is allowed to spawn, meaning that the timer will in most cases count 1/4th the speed it would count if the line "self.nexttime = self.nexttime - TESTTIME" was placed outside the clockseg if statement rather than inside it.

I apologize if this is intentional, but I thought it might be worth noting (as it likely would've been simpler to just make GetNextSpawnTime return higher value rather than counting the timer down more slowly).

Steps to Reproduce
repair the horrid multilegged creature insect please
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