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Piko Cannibalism Crash To Desktop

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hamlet World Save | RoG Enabled | SW Enabled  | Hamlet Enabled | No Mods Used

If you have two live pikos in your inventory. And you drop them both as quickly as possible without any other items on the floor. When they wake up at almost at the same time, the game crashes to desktop when they attempt to eat each other.


If you drop them one by one waiting for each one to wake up first before dropping the next, it will not crash.

First encountered in Cave Cleft, then attempted at Ruins, then Mant Hill then Overworld. Crashes in all tests, as long as both pikos attempt to eat each other.


Did a search after writing this whole thing and it seems, this was reported on an older build of Hamlet:

So the issue still occurs in the current build v294865. Log attached is the log file for the video above. I used the console to enter the command c_give("piko",2) for the pikos.



Steps to Reproduce
1. Spawn 2 Pikos into inventory 2. Drop pikos as quickly as possible 3. Crashes when both wake up and attempt to eat each other
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