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Pigs behavior and visual glitch

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I picked the poop from a city and a pig followed me to give me an oinc.

I made him follow me to outside the town so I could kill him.

I hit him during the animation when he gives me the oinc.

He is now unmoving, animation-less and I get some free hits on him.

He dies, plays the death animation and drops hit item, but he starts his running animation while dead.

He then disappears like his usual post-death animation.

I believe this is an exploit because I can easily farm pig loots.

I also think this is a visual bug due to unmatching animations.

I'm attaching a video of me performing this exploit (length 2min 28s. Glitch at 2:11)

I managed to perform this bug other two times, both with same results.

2018-11-09 14-11-24.mp4

Steps to Reproduce
Hit a pig during his oinc-giving animation.

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