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Pigeon in bird trap

big J
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When ever I catch a pigeon in a bird trap, I never get the pigeon as an item when I harvest the trap, in fact it completely disappears. 

Steps to Reproduce
1. Start a Hamlet World 2. Place a bird trap in a pig city 3. Wait for a pigeon to get trapped 4. Pick up the trap 5. See that you have picked up the trap, but the bird is nowhere to be seen. (either in your inventory, or in the world).

User Feedback

Did you see the pigeon land in the trap?

Because for me it works when I am near the trap. But when I go offscreen and come back I either get an empty (but bouncing) bird trap that gives no pigeon, or one that looks like there is a pigeon inside and only sometimes gives a pigeon.



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This has happened to me a couple of times, could it be that since it's a bird from a DST event, instead of leaving loot behind it simply despawns and that's what has happened?

I've caught a few pigeons so it doesn't happen all the time.

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