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Pig Guard Chasing

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So, at night time, I pissed off some guards by using a hound tooth trap to attack the Pig Queen, they fell asleep after entering the palace and was still sleeping past morning. So I figured it was no big deal because they never directly attack me, just kept running around in the palace room then fell asleep. Later exploring the ruinsĀ I noticed the pig guard running sound so I waited a bit to see this determined guy chasing me outside of the room.
(The hound tooth trap didn't work on Wilba)

Edit: He seems to always be at all of the ruins entrances. I entered 3 different ruins and he was there on all of them.


Steps to Reproduce
Wait for night time in the queen palace, place a hound tooth trap near her and push her on top of it. The knights will run in, once the knights fall asleep, leave and go into the ruins. Listen for the pig guard running sound and hope he spawns.
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