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picking up poop/collecting tax money stunlocks traders

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

when you're given a coin for poop picking, the trader stays frozen for a couple of seconds. if you want to get another coin for poop picking, you have to wait until the frozen pig moves, or else the next picking wont count (or just hope another pig comes and gives you a coin, but that never seems to happen with me). attacking them is a lot easier because of this; even if youre interrupted, you could easily sidestep the attack and still have enough time to finish them off quickly.

also i never noticed til after, but in the second gif, she dies and then runs away. thats a skill i wish i had.

*edit* i noticed that they get stunlocked when giving you their tax money too, so i added it to the title.

thank you, i hope this helps!




Steps to Reproduce
pick up poop

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