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Perishables that rot in an interior while the player isn't present vanish

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Perishables, such as bird eggs or food, lying inside the Slanty Shanty that turn rotten while the player isn't present, vanish from the interior, and the resulting rotten egg or spoiled food spawns on the outside world map - usually, though not necessarily, outside the navigable area.  If the player is present at the time the perishable item turns, the replacement works as intended.

I have just submitted an in-game bug report with two gamestates for illustration.  The first shows a bird egg inside the Slanty Shanty, ~10s from turning rotten.  The second Gamestate shows the result, if the player leaves the interior, before the egg turns: the egg is gone, and the rotten egg spawned far off the navigable map area, at {563.67, 0.0, -1209.10}.

I have tested this only with the Slanty Shanty, though I suspect this bug affects all interiors.

Possibly related is that I have twice noticed captured birds vanishing from bird cages inside the Shanty, though that may be a similar bug in another component, rather than the same one.

Vanishing Rot.png

Steps to Reproduce
1. Drop a perishable item on the floor inside the Slanty Shanty (or possibly any interior).    2. Leave the interior, until after the item should have turned to rot.    3. Return to the interior.    4. The item is gone, and the replacement is not present in its place, as expected.

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