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Out of memory

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When creating a game file with the hamlet dlc active, sometimes the game create the world and them crashes showing the message "out of memory" and saying to disable mods. Sometimes i can re-enter the world with no problens, but always that i try to leave the world, it crashes showing the same message, and i lose all my data since the last save.

I have no mods active, and i have a lot of space, i thougth the problem was my computer but i searched for solutions, and i just found a steam discution about people having the same trouble.

Captura de Tela (1).png

Captura de Tela (5).png



Steps to Reproduce
Just create a world, enter or leave it.
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You could try enabling "Small textures" in the options, it reduces memory pressure.

Could you upload your dxdiag and log file so I can have a look?

For info on how to get the files see below:


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Hmmm, based on the dxdiag I can tell your system unfortunately doesn't meet the minimum specs for Don't Starve (it needs 256mb of dedicated Video Ram, youe graphics card has 32mb).

I would try enabling Small Textures in the Options menu as mentioned above.

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