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Oscillating Fan effects are always present indoors even when fan is off

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

As the title says, the oscillating fan is preventing hay-fever indoors even when the fan is off.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Place oscillating fan indoors. 2. Keep the fan off, go outdoors until the edges of the screen show that you are accumulating hay-fever. 3. Go indoors, when the fan is off the border of the screen loses the hay-fever effect proving that the fan is somehow working. (Going in any other house, ruins, cave, ect that does not have an oscillating fan will cause hay-fever to come back)

User Feedback

Same thing happening on my game, but I thought it'd be relevant to note that the drying functionality works properly.  (Only increases drying rate when turned on.)

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+1 But it also works if it's outdoors. I always have a fan indoors and outdoors by my base and I noticed I never had to turn them on for fever to go away.

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