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Its same save slot as here

and only 1 thing: WTF KLEI???? i dont think its normal (please say klei that this isnt normal :O) i was alive cause i runed on godmode :(nwm.thumb.png.bee2df07f39f1f96d81e73792113cb6f.png

Steps to Reproduce
Same history as here https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/ds-hamlet-early-access/gold-boulders-in-hamlet-r16589/ but after this i typed command c_revealmap() and was searching on map for something strange. found this. then i turned on c_speed(50) and was going in there. thats what i saw on my screen when i entered there ;O

User Feedback

I'm pretty sure this is an intended setpiece to spawn, as a few others including myself have seen it. It also spawns in the same area for everyone so it really does seem intentional. There's also discussion about this setpiece and a few others that seems out of the ordinary in this thread 



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