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Oddities shop man drops totems while still paying you ten oincs (endless oincs)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Just turned off the aporkalypse, went back to my base where I have made an oddities shop. Stopped in to give the clerk two of my totems I collected along the way. He paid me, but also dropped the Lost Totems. In this effect, i have endless oincs! I thought it may be because my inventory was full when handing it in, but i cleared up my inventory some and it still kept happening. 

I believe the oddities shop man has limited inventory. Once he receives so many totems, he cannot hold them, so he drops them. But he still will pay you, because that's in the script. Therefore, I now have an endless supply of oincs from him.

Steps to Reproduce
Keep giving Oddities man different items to fill his 'inventory.' Eventually, it will get full and he starts dropping items while still paying you.

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