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Not respawning/regrowing: glowflies, pikos, spider-monkeys and nettle vines

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

- Glowflies and pikos just stopped spawning after 1 or 2 seasons

- Spider-monkeys disappeared (probably killed by flytraps or hanging vines: found the loot)

- No possible interaction with glowflies on day

- Green caps trees in cave not regrowing (cut about 50 days ago) normal

- Nettle vines not regrowing (did for a few seasons, then stopped)

Steps to Reproduce
Nothing, just play :)

User Feedback

1. Glowflies apparently got fixed.

2. Spider-monkeys are herd animals. There needs to be one of them alive to reproduce. (Like Beefalos.)

3. Don't think that's changed.

4. Trees have never been able to regrow from stumps. I don't know how that idea keeps getting spread.

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1. Yup, I've seen some while playing yesterday
2. Ok, this means that we have a finite webs / glands number (beside buying it in store)
3. Didn't re-try
4. Never read about that, simply thought it did regrow... I probably didn't spend enough time in caves! Corrected.

Adding: nettle vine.

By the way, I did see any Peagawk in a while... which means I can't make a gaz mask anymore! Anyone else?

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