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nettle vines they are not growing properly

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I tried to fertilize, to use the sprinkler in a forest soil of the deep rain and nevertheless nothing grew.
only stays in the second stage of blooming and does not go to the third.

Steps to Reproduce
remove with a shovel vines of nettle. and plant in deep rain forest near a lake with a sprinkler

User Feedback

I have the same issue. 3 days and no nettles have grown, ive only had one set of nettles grow on my save, and that was without the sprinkler.

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Hmm. I did once successfully grow a field of nettle vines planted around a sprinkler, but never tried again, because it was far too much of a hassle to do.  Not only does it require a spot where deep rainforest borders on a lake, which is never in a convenient location near your base, but you also have to babysit the sprinkler to keep it fuelled for ages before the vines finally bloom.

At the current balance, it's simply not worth bothering with nettle vines, when it's so much easier to just harvest a ton of seed pods from tea trees and keep munching on them throughout hayfever season.

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