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Nettle Vines lose fertilization after saving and quitting.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When digging up and replanting Nettle Vines, they don't keep their fertilization after saving and quitting. It's hard enough to tell if they're fertilized given their lack of a model to show fertilized vs. unfertilized, but then I noticed that after saving and quitting, it told me that I could fertilize it again.


I'm also digging them up in the allergy season, so it may be a seasonal mechanic. Even so, if you're not supposed to be able to grow them in the season they're most useful in, it would be strange for saving and quitting to affect it.


Steps to Reproduce
1) Dig up a nettle vine and replant it. 2) Fertilize it. 3) Save and quit. 4) Check to see if it's able to be fertilized again, despite having not grown anything.

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