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Nettle leaves invisible when ready to harvest

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The nettle leaves are invisible when  ready to harvest. You can still click or use space bar to harvest them, and they appear in your inventory correctly, but you can only see a plant stem. 

(The new withered and growing art is great!)

Steps to Reproduce
Fertilize and water nettles, behold their invisible glory.

User Feedback

This is not a 'real bug'
There seem to be two 'ready to harvest' stages. When there's just a stem, you can harvest 1 nettle, waiting longer will cause the plant to grow into a second stage with large leaves as can be seen in the art in the wiki - harvesting them in this state will yield 2 nettle. 

I admit though that the art seems unfit, after all, why am I farming 1 unit of nettle when there's just a stem to be seen?

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