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Multiple BFB and looped BFB shadow flying over head.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

During my play through a Shipwrecked and Hamlet world the BFB came down as it always does normally and I decided to ignore it while it wreaked havoc onto the pig town. I hopped back over to shipwrecked while it was still in the pig town since I was unable to get it to despawn. Quite a few in-game days later I hopped back into Hamlet to take the lamps from the big village, and the BFB decided to spawn again. As I entered the pig village I noticed the other BFB did not despawn. I allowed myself to get captured, nearly dying in the process since the second BFB did not stop walking. I went back to the pig town soon after, then the BFB spawning noises begin to play as the shadow came from off screen. But it wasn't normal, it didn't start small then grow and the bird would get closer. It was the largest the shadow could, right before the BFB would land. The shadow would keep flying over head, never spawning in BFB even if i were to stand still and let it fly right over me.



Steps to Reproduce
World hop from Shipwrecked to Hamlet, and allow the first BFB to spawn. Bring it to the pig town and run away while it is distracted. World hop back into Shipwrecked. Then world hop back into Hamlet, and shorty another BFB should spawn. Allow the second BFB to spawn and bring it to the first. Then get captured by one of the BFB. Leave the BFB island back into the main land, and shortly after you exit the cave another BFB will try to spawn. The BFB shadow will fly over you but never land. Using the horn to spawn in the first BFB also creates the same effect. Hopping worlds again seems to fix the infinite BFB shadow.

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