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Missing doors to Mant Hill + Map mirrored. [Hamlet_Interior Beta]

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


As you can see there should be an exit here (Of course mirrored, since that is a known bug) Currently there is no way for me to escape. I''m trying to wait out an earthquake to see if anything changes.

Steps to Reproduce
Map was created after Hamlet Interior was released. Enter Mant Hill. A lot of doors that should be there are not.

User Feedback

The first version of the beta had a severe bug that could all kinds of problems with displacing interior elements, including doors. I'd strongly suggest recreating the world if this was created with the first version of the beta. If there really are no exits (not just missing on the map, then my best guess is you were hit by that bug.

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I had this bug too.  I swear it's not just the map-reversing thing -- I literally entered a mant-room and found once I was inside that the room had no exits at all (though the map still showed an entrance on the opposite side from where I entered, as one would expect...)

I'm like 99% sure this world was created after the *updated* interiors beta version was released though.

Edit:  An in-game bug report has been submitted.  There's been an earthquake in the mean time, so it's no longer just a single exit-free room, but I still can't get out of the mant hill. 

Subsequent edit:  Yep, it did it again in a brand new world too. 

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