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'Memory Leak' - Sprinkler

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The Sprinkler that waters your plants (neetle vines in particular) seems to create massive memory leaks for me. Luckily, by testing around a little bit I think I already know what the issue is:

As typical for a memory leak, the frame rate decrease steadily accumulates until you're playing power point presentation. When walking away from a 'turned on' sprinkler it seems to keep creating some kind of object (let's call it 'water splatter', I dunno). The problem seems to be that the game seems to continue creating such entities in the background and keeps track of them without killing them off when the sprinkler is not nearby. Quitting and reloading the game does not solve this issue as the objects are all remembered and loaded in immediately meaning upon reloading you'll experience the same performance problems.

However walking anywhere close the sprinkler will immediately make any framedrop issues disappear as the game seems to then successfully continue killing off those 'sprinkle'-entities / or they kill themselves. If you have an issue with this right now, simply don't leave your sprinkler running if you need to walk further away from it until a fix comes out. 

Hope this helps

Steps to Reproduce
Step1: Craft a sprinkler Step2: Make sure it is fueld Step3: Turn it on Step4: Walk away from it, a distance of many screens away to be sure. Wait. For me it's barely a minute before the issue starts popping up, (probably depending on your pc specs), you should experience a steady decline in framerate or sudden framerate drops. Others A: Walking anywhere close the sprinkler (doesn't necessarily need to be in sight), will (at least temporarily) solve the issue until any of the previous steps are repeated. Others B: Quitting and or reloading does not help / have any effect.

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