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Many SFX delayed in home

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When, for example, moving an item from my backpack into a chest (in this case it was Charcoal), the "click" to confirm you've selected the item happens at a delay or doesn't happen at all while I'm inside my home.

Edit: This works with pausing the game sounds, scrolling the crafting menu, almost everything SFX wise in the house.

Edit: After a little while the bug went away. I think maybe it was when the fog left?

Steps to Reproduce
1. Go inside your house (other places may work, haven't checked) 2. Click on an item in your inventory or your backpack, like Charcoal, Manure, Twigs. Oincs do not have this bug. 3. 'click' sound should be delayed.

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