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Manure piles can spawn outside bounds.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Manure pile. Out in the clouds. Pretty self-explanatory.


Steps to Reproduce
I was just in base, loaded the game, and I noticed this at some point. Just keep an eye out for where these spawn.

User Feedback

Just found out the Roc can drop dung from the sky. That's probably what happened here actually. Also on a different occasion the Roc is just flying overhead endlessly. It started in the jungle, and didn't seem to land like it was normally supposed to after it was low enough, and now it's just endlessly circling while I'm in the hamlet. I'm currently trying to see what it will do when I leave or walk around other places.

Edit: Nevermind seems to have just taken its sweet time landing. When I got to the edge of the hamlet it dropped, and then took off when I went back in which I assume is the intended behavior.

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