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Low sanity/Insanity lag/lowperformance

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

This issue has been in the game for ages now and yes it affects Hamlet too I know this has provably been reported countless times I experience it myself on both my newest rig to my lap top to my old PC and even on my friends PC (also lots of friends with the same issue)


How to reproduce:

play the game till make yourself insane/be insane


A common work around after 2 minutes of insanity once the performance is so bad you can stand it anymore close the game and restart the save rinse and repeat with every 2 minutes of insane time, telling me or anyone to just not be insane isn't something most people at late game do when they want nightmare fuel fighting bosses etc and it isn't a proper fix just a work around


This bug affects pretty much everyone I have noticed that many streamers/you tubers complain about it so please Klei this isn't a issue in Don't Starve Together and now that you are releasing new DLC I don't see why you cant fix this for the single player aspect of the game

Many players streamers & youtubers would appreciate this bug being gone from the game for good I am sure you are already aware of this issue, I hope that you can put some developing time into it before the release of Hamlet so far you have done allot of performance patches that have made the game so much more smooth when compared to the first early access release we all appreciate that keep up the good work.

Thank you for your time Klei/forum readers


Ps. sorry if any of you here in the forum consider this Spam but this is a legitimate issue.

Steps to Reproduce
1.Play the game till make yourself insane/be insane (that's it) Frame rate will drop significantly making players have to restart the save to get the performance back

User Feedback


Could you please upload a performance report as outlined below (make sure to grab the profile when performance is low)? My computer is not top of the line but this is not happening for me, so I'd like to see what's up on your (and apparently others') end.

Could you also upload your dxdiag if you're on windows? (second link below)

Also, for reference, what do you all significant frame drops? I have had complaints where the game went fro, 60fps to 57fps, and cases where fps dropped to like 3 fps. The former is much harder to address than the latter.


For the dxdiag:


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