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Locked Open Door

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I've had this bug before, except at that time I couldn't go anywhere and was permanently stuck. I was just at the queen's island and then got picked up by the Roc (the cave from that island led me back to my home island), so I wanted to give the queen her staff. This room is the one right before the exit room, but I can't go through the door. I've tried going to other rooms and restarting my game to no luck. At first the door was down until I went two rooms over and came back, then it was open but still unable to go through. 

I attempted to try going back out of the cave and trying another day, but immediately got attacked by a million of those little rabid beetles and died, haha. 


Steps to Reproduce
try to go back to an island after being picked up by the roc

User Feedback


Thanks for the report.

If this happens again, or you can reliably reproduce it, could you submit a bug report (Main Menu>Options>Report Bug) - mention what save slot it is in and what the issue is. It'll upload your save game for us to take a look at.

It would be greatly appreciated!

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