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Loading Screen Ambience keeps playing

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

After the initial loading sequence when starting a game on Hamlet, the ambient sounds keep playing.  I cannot get it to stop unless I save, quit, then reload the game.

Steps to Reproduce
I start up a game on Hamlet, wait for it to finish loading, then after it finishes, the loading screen sounds play over everything else.

User Feedback

Hi, thanks for the report.

Few questions as I've had multiple reports of this but never had it happen myself, and I've generated a few worlds :)

What OS are you on?

Does this happen consistently? When creating a new world from the slot selection, or when retrying after dying?

Do you use any mods?

Does it only happen with Hamlet worlds or all worlds?

If other worlds, are they Hamlet compatible?

I probably have more questions...but it's a start?

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